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    5 Reasons Why Internet Trolling Is A Good Thing

    Internet trolling may seem like the worst thing that's happened since Al Gore's creation of the Internet, but it's actually the best part of the web.

    1. Entertainment

    If various forums, news websites, blogs, and youtube comments didn't have trolls, imagine how boring they would be! Remember the scene in The 5th Element where Gary Oldman's character breaks a glass and then explains how breaking the glass and being "bad" actually drives society and is ultimately a good thing?

    Trolling works the same way. Could you imagine how boring the Internet would be without trolls so spice things up? Trolling entertains us and gives us something to read, something to act as a lightning rod for our misery while we're at our shitty job contemplating cutting our throats.

    2. Culture

    Trolling and trolling memes have become part of the culture. Without trolling, there'd be a hole in modern culture that not even pre-Weight Watchers Jessica Simpson could fill!

    3. Self-Improvement

    Trolling has made Internet savvy people increase their tolerance for bullshit. Trolling is so prevalent that if you're using the Internet often, you're elbow deep in the stuff--that's how prevalent trolling is. It's practically on whichever website you go on.

    Having to deal with so much trolling has made people more patient.

    And, if it hasn't made them more patient, it has become something to absorb their hate--a lightning rod for the frustrated, mediocre masses, if you will. Now, people can flame trolls rather than yell at their spouses or kids. Trolling is saving families!

    4. Intelligence

    Have you ever tried to be a good Internet troll? It's not quite as easy as you think.

    Yeah, there are the lowly Youtube trolls who simply go "The dislike bar is the size of [insert person]'s dick!" on videos but then there are brilliant Internet forum trolls who manage to troll people within the rules, bait people into insulting them, and then get other "benevolent" posters banned.

    That takes some intelligence, EQ, and writing abilities. Trolling on an Internet forum can be useful for anyone because these skills will be developed as a result. Try it!

    5. Strengthening the Community

    One of the benefits of forum trolls is that they strengthen the very communities they seek to destroy.

    When a particularly nasty troll brings a forum to its knees, the posters in that forum band together and forget their petty rivalries and disagreements. They ultimately increase their vigilance against trolls in the future and the community is reminded of why they are posting on the forum in the first place: because they love to post there and will stop any trolls who try to take that forum away.

    Nothing else can make people rally to protect their forum in such a manner.

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