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42 Must Own Pieces Of 90s Swag

Get ready to relive the greatest decade of all time.

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1. This Sonic the Hedgehog walkman

2. This Jurassic Park jacket

3. This Sailor Moon comforter (and pillow)

4. This Lion King chocolate bar$T2eC16ZHJGkFFmJb+eneBRbHV)Zqrw~~60_3.JPG

5. This Binyah Binyah polliwog doll$(KGrHqV,!p0E-vF(Fmt0BPtV-WIvsQ~~60_35.JPG

6. This Wild Wild West t-shirt

7. A Polaroid i-Zone

8. A Home Alone hat

9. This George of the Jungle poster

10. This Aladdin electronic storybook

11. Power Rangers sunglasses (complete with D.A.R.E. advertisement)

12. An issue of WWF Magazine

13. This Banjo-Kazooie skateboard

14. This Power Rangers soap dish

15. Street Sharks pasta with meatballs

16. Flintstones Push Up Pops

17. A Jurassic Park jeep (the companion cube isn't a standard feature)

18. A Bill Cosby DS case

19. This Majora's Mask N64 controller

20. Disney Dollars

21. This Operation Dumbo Drop hat$(KGrHqF,!icF!NqJ9JJZBQDemVmIWg~~60_57.JPG

22. These

23. This floppy disk table

24. A D.W. credit card

I wish it were real.

I wish it were real.

25. This entire room

26. Windows 95/98 Solitaire cards

27. This unlicensed nuclear accelerator

28. A working pokedex

29. This can of Pepsi with Mario on it

30. Anything Space Jam related

31. This WWF foosball/hockey game

32. This Blockbuster case

33. A Zoobook (about any species)

34. A pair of these

View this video on YouTube

35. Everything in this commercial break

View this video on YouTube

36. This Kevin McCallister doll

37. This Double Dare shirt

38. This Allegra's Window VHS tape

39. The Jumanji board game

40. A 90's starter jacket (preferably one for a team that doesn't exist anymore)

41. This awesome car phone

42. And, what every 90's kid dreamed about: A race car bed!

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