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29 Cats With Balls Of Steel

Hear them roar (or meow).

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1. This cat who leaped at a dog.

2. This cat who's tempting a python.

3. This cat that got the attention of every dog in the building.

4. This cat that took on three foes at once.

5. This little kitten that had the strength to just say no.

6. This feline warrior who faced off against a fox.

7. This poor, brave little soldier that survived an arrow to the head.

8. This cat that braved the highest of heights.

9. This cat who taunted a legion of dogs.

10. This cat that's suited up and ready for battle.

11. This cat that's courageous enough to slog through public transportation.

12. This musical feline that's brave enough to follow its dreams and not settle for a meaningless corporate job.

13. These adorable little kittens that stayed calm during a disaster.

14. This cat that made a dog scream.

15. This cat with enemies to the left of it and enemies to the right of it.

16. This cat that stared into the jaws of death.

17. This cat that stood up to bullies with a friend.

Read about it here.

Read about it here.

18. This kitten that didn't fear two larger beings.

19. This tightrope-walking cat.

20. This sky-diving cat.

(Yes, it's fake, we know).

(Yes, it's fake, we know).

21. This cat that took on a bear (and won).

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22. Another cat that felled a fox.

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23. This kitten that stood eye-to-eye with a big dog.

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24. The Han Solo of cats—a cat that smuggled contraband.

25. This cat that defeated a snake.

26. This sly, thieving cat.

27. This cat that risks plunging into the water.

28. This kitten that was brave enough to try.

29. This feline war hero who defeated two alligators.

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