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    29 Baby Animals George W. Bush Should Try Painting Next

    The Animal Kingdom has so much more to offer the former president.

    1. A baby squid

    2. A perplexed baby seal

    3. This adorable little raven

    4. Baby Timon from The Lion King (a meerkat)

    5. A lovable young Dik Dik (yes, Dik Dik)

    6. A baby trilobite

    Or a plush representation of what a baby trilobite might have looked like...

    7. A baby alpaca

    8. A sleepy baby donkey

    Human baby is optional.

    9. An excited baby dolphin

    10. A tiny polar bear cub

    11. A direwolf pup

    with Richard Madden!

    12. This hungry young manatee

    13. This octopus that proves the cutest things can come in the smallest packages

    14. This grumpy turtle that just hatched

    15. A proud-looking young camel

    16. A baby pigeon (they do exist) that's stretching their wings for the first time

    17. A baby squirrel

    18. A trio of baby Tasmanian devils

    19. A baby aardvark

    A picture of Arthur's little sister Kate would also be acceptable.

    20. A baby sugar glider

    21. This lounging baby hedgehog

    22. Two little chameleon friends

    23. This cheery baby zebra

    24. A young cockatiel

    25. This affectionate baby hyena

    26. A baby warthog

    27. A baby leech

    28. A legion of baby pheasants

    29. And finally, a baby Nigel Thornberry