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    22 Reasons Why Gym Class Is The Most Horrifying Part Of Childhood

    PE stands for psychologically excruciating, not physical education.

    1. The balance beam.

    2. The cargo net.

    3. Struggling to do ONE push-up while watching the athletic kids do dozens without breaking a sweat.

    4. Constantly being picked last no matter what sport the teams are for.

    5. When the gym teacher measures your body fat percentage.

    6. The rope climb.

    7. Having to strip down to your underwear in front of a whole locker room of angsty, cruel, judgmental teenagers.

    8. Dodgeball. Everything about dodgeball.

    9. That one kid who's better at every sport than anyone else—and knows it.

    10. Getting your fingers crushed by one of these things.

    11. When you get to high school and gym teachers still insist on using floor scooters even though you're too big for them. Pushing classmates on them also brings your hands too close to a person's butt for comfort.

    12. The mile run.

    13. Seriously though, the mile run. It's so bad it has to be on here twice.

    14. The locker room that has the cringe-inducing stench of Axe and body odor.

    Or, as one kid back in high school said, "Axe and wet ass."

    15. The kids who take gym class SUPER SERIOUSLY.

    16. Going through the physical fitness test (and always doing poorly).

    17. Those times in the spring and summer when you're playing an outdoor sport but one day it rains, and you think that you wont have to do anything on account of the rain...

    and you're super excited...

    but the teacher just has you play an indoor sport like basketball or something.

    18. These.

    19. Gym teachers expecting you to be able to do the high jump.

    20. Square dancing.

    Forcing awkward, developing, hormone-laden teens into square dancing should be against the law.

    21. Having to wear a bathing suit in front of the entire class.

    22. Being assigned a WRITTEN TEST at the end of every unit about the sport's rules and history. The nerve!

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