19 Things Only A History Major Will Understand

History might be a set of lies agreed upon, but majoring in history not so much.

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3. The feeling of bliss when you find out that a document collection you need can be accessed via the internet.

5. Dealing with people who say history isn't a "real major" and that it's easy.

Seriously, if you think that you haven't taken a good history course above the 100 level. There's tons of reading and writing required for a degree in history.

10. You get super angry when a fellow student says, "How can I write 10 pages about [insert massive historical topic that can't be accurately covered in 1,000 pages let alone 10]? It's so simple!"

12. People who say, "Why would anyone bother writing about that?" when you tell them the extremely niche topics you write about.

Maybe some people like researching American relief efforts in Belgium during the First World War? Maybe some people like studying the American media's reaction to the Mexican-American War? Different strokes for different folks, people.

13. People who have to remind you every fucking time they see you that history is a bad major and that you'll have no job and make no money.

17. That weird feeling when everyone praises you for being able to memorize dates but you didn't actually memorize them. You just read about certain events so much you couldn't actually forget the date.

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