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    19 Surefire Signs That You're A Dark Souls Fan

    Prepare to die.

    1. This image has been burned into your eyeballs.

    2. You facepalm SO HARD when someone tells you that the game has no story.

    The story is told through item locations, item descriptions, and in other ways. The lore is insanely rich and deep. You just need to actually, ya know, think, read, and pay attention. Still don't believe me? Check out this amazing Dark Souls lore trailer.

    3. You'd pay any price for the Knight Solaire hoodie. / Via

    The guy doesn't make them anymore, sadly.

    4. You understand why this GIF is funny.

    5. After all of the playthroughs you've done, you still aren't sure which ending is the "good" ending (or if either of them can be considered "good").

    6. You know what "Giantdad" is and you know what a "Zaphander" (or "Chaoshander") is. / Via

    And you hate both of them.

    7. This chart doesn't confuse you at all.

    8. You have a theory on who the first born son of Lord Gwyn is.

    9. You've watched at least one EpicNameBro video, or you have at least heard of him.

    10. The same goes for VaatiVidya and other famous Dark Souls YouTube celebrities. / Via

    Here's VaatiVidya's YouTube channel. It's great if you like the game's lore.

    11. You feel super guilty when you kill Sif because you know he's just trying to protect you from the sad fate that befell his master, Artorias.

    12. You've become so obsessed with the game and its lore that you know about all the cut content, be it story lines or weapons or other items. / Via

    A boss, Undead King Jar-Eel, that was removed from the game.

    13. You have a favorite gesture.

    14. You've already picked out which class you're going to play when the sequel comes out.

    15. You learned how to pay really, really close attention to games because of Dark Souls' tough but fair nature.

    16. Whenever you cooperate with someone, it's always jolly.

    17. You've praised the sun at least once. / Via

    And why wouldn't you praise the sun? The sun is a wondrous body...

    18. You fiercely defend your stance on whether Yulia is the uchigatana or the bucket.

    19. You're glad to be a part of a passionate, creative community/fandom. / Via

    I mean just look at this Lego Gaping Dragon. That takes some serious devotion and talent.

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