19 Reasons Why “Goldeneye” Is The Greatest James Bond Film Ever

For England, James? No, for BuzzFeed.

1. Let’s get this one out of the way: It spawned one of the most iconic and legendary video games ever.

2. James Bond jumps down a friggin’ dam.

What if he had strayed too close to the wall and hit it? His head could’ve been split open!

3. After that stunt he does some cool laser shit.

4. Then he takes out a Russian dude while he’s on the crapper. That’s totally badass.

5. The 1990s computer interfaces and operating systems.

6. The Antennae Cradle is actually a real place.

It’s the Arecibo Observatory, a massive radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

7. Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp.

8. The sick twist halfway through the movie: Janus is actually Bond’s old partner, Alec Trevelyan!

9. Another reason Goldeneye is amazing: Trevelyan is a suave, kick-ass villain.

And ladies man…

And there’s this great GIF of him.

10. The one-liners.

11. This one has a shirtless Pierce Brosnan.

14. Judi Dench brings her A-game in Goldeneye.

15. Bond uses a towel to incapacitate someone.

17. Boris Grishenko

18. Boris Grishenko’s demise.

19. The movie’s name has a historical basis: Operation Goldeneye was a plan to keep tabs on Fransico Franco’s fascist Spain during the Second World War.

Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond novels, was largely responsible for creating the Operation Goldeneye plans.

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