17 Ways You Know Your Family Didn’t Have Much Money When You Were A Kid

“We’re on a BUDGET!!!

1. You frequently went to the day-old bread store

2. You remember the Batman comics that came with the Hostess fruit pies you’d get there

When I was a kid I didn’t realize that these were thinly-veiled advertisements. I was a dull boy.

3. You had to say goodbye to your jeans in the summer because your parents couldn’t afford to buy you shorts

4. Your family ate “Kool Stuf” instead of Pop Tarts

They weren’t that “kool”, and the “stuf” was lacking in flavor…

5. You remember what the store-brand logo and packaging looked like for every kind of item.

6. You thought the that vanilla bean ice cream was full of dirt the first time you saw it, not vanilla beans

7. Other kids made fun of you because you went here

8. You ate this a lot

9. You still get a mini-heart attack every time the phone rings because you’re paranoid about bill collectors

10. Kids made fun of your for your “cheap” clothes and sneakers

11. Meanwhile, you ENVIED anyone with these bad boys

12. You had pancakes or boiled hot dogs without buns and condiments for dinner a bajillion times

13. Your favorite store growing up was the dollar store

14. You remember being SO thankful and happy when you’d get a shitty dollar-store action figure or two

15. You’ve heard “We’re on a budget”/”I’m on a budget” so many times that you remember each time it was said and the exact inflection with which your parents said it.

You also have a permanent aversion to the word now.

16. The one Sunday brunch at Sizzler was the highlight of your month

I loved the salad bar.

17. Your family’s idea of getting “cultured” was going to Disney on Ice once a year

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