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    18 Hardest Things About Making A BuzzFeed Post

    A list about the hardships of making lists. Yeah, it's meta.

    1. Staring at this screen for what seems like hours trying to come up with a fun list idea that people will want to share.

    2. Looking through images for seemingly innocuous search terms and finding weird stuff. The kind of stuff you'd have rather not seen.

    I found this when looking for a picture of North West Kardashian. The worst thing I accidentally found was a picture of one of the bosses from Dark Souls (a dragon) having sex with a non-dragon Dark Souls character. If you really must see it, I'll link it. But be warned: It's pretty bad.

    3. Coming up with a cool hook but then realizing that you don't have enough content for it.

    4. Coming up with a great idea for a post, searching the idea, and seeing someone already did it a week ago.

    5. Coming up with a great idea for a list, not searching the idea, and someone did the exact same post a week ago and now you look like a copycat.

    6. When, midway through making your post, you lose all confidence in it and want to stop.

    7. The list-builder or content omnibox starts giving you problems.

    8. Getting admonished and sent back to the top of your post for accidentally dragging a link into the box instead of an image.

    9. The frustration of being stuck at a low number of items. You want twice as much content in your list BUT YOU JUST CAN'T THINK OF MORE THINGS!

    10. Having an image or GIF you want to use so badly but you just can't come up with a place for it. Like what am I supposed to do with Catelyn Stark looking at Chicken McNugget toys? WHAT!?

    11. The paranoid feeling that readers might not agree with some items in the list and perceive them as filler or padding.

    Please don't perceive this as filler or padding.

    12. Getting sucked into a Tumblr hole while making your post, making you spend way more time than you wanted to all thanks to GIFs like this...

    13. And images like this...

    14. The paralyzing indecisiveness you get when deciding which GIFs or images to use.

    15. Constantly re-reading your post before publishing to see if you can come up with any more ideas for it...

    16. And you don't come up with any...that is until a week after you publish it. That's when you come up with a dozen more things you could've added.

    17. Constantly thinking you forgot to check the "suggest for community feature" box after you published the post.

    18. When you publish your article and then see a typo or two.

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