17 New Mottos For The Game Of Thrones Great Houses

If the words for each of Westeros’ great houses were based solely on the plot, they’d go something like this. Warning: *MASSIVE* show AND book spoilers.

1. House Stark’s new motto would be…

Sad but mostly true.

2. And these words seem more appropriate for the Lannisters:

3. House Mormont, too, needs words more fitting of what happens in the plot. “Here We Stand” should be something more like…

4. The same goes for House Greyjoy.

5. You’ll appreciate this one if you’ve read the books.

6. The Frey’s need words that convey their duplicitous nature.

7. Book readers might enjoy this one a little more.

8. What about the Boltons?

9. Stannis Baratheon’s behavior warrants changing the Baratheon word’s from “Righteous in Wrath” to…

10. And what of Joffrey’s house, House Baratheon of King’s Landing?

11. Don’t forget House Martell!

12. Remember House Arryn too!

13. Let’s add Sandor “The Hound” Clegane’s house into the mix.

14. The Tully’s haven’t done so well.

15. But the Tyrells are “Growing Stronger”…well maybe not stronger per se.

16. And, of course, House Targaryen.

17. Bonus: BuzzFeed’s official motto is “Worth Sharing” but what should it really be?

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