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14 Reasons Why You Should Wish Community Editor Cates Holderness A Happy Birthday

Consider this a BuzzFeed birthday card.

This is BuzzFeed Community Editor Cates Holderness. Today is her birthday. Here are 14 reasons why you should wish her a happy birthday, either in the comments or on Twitter or even in person if you happen to see her!

1. She taught us a kick-ass recipe for lentil stew.

2. She rescued an adorable little bird and took care of him.

3. She posts the best stuff on her Tumblr, named "Adulthood Is Okay, I Guess"

Here's the link. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

4. She had an unbridled passion for Tornado Week.

#TornadoWeek #TornadoWeek #TornadoWeek #TornadoWeek #TornadoWeek #TornadoWeek #TornadoWeek #TornadoWeek #TornadoWeek #TornadoWeek

— Cates Holderness (@catesish) April 29, 2013

5. She's made over 900 posts on BuzzFeed. Seriously that's amazing.

Check out her profile to see them!

6. She'll often put witty tags on posts.

Not this kind of tag, but the little tags that show up at the bottom of BuzzFeed posts.

7. She writes haikus, and even got the BuzzFeed community to start writing them once.

8. She modestly said that she's "pretty decent" at interacting with people on the internet — but she's actually great at it.

9. She made a list highlighting a year's worth of great BuzzFeed posts not once but twice!

Once for 2011, and again in 2012!

10. The Derpy Hooves avatar.

11. She found some of the best nature porn ever.

12. And some wondrously crass desktop wallpapers.

13. Her desk is cool.

Dual monitor setup. MLP action figure. Girl Scout cookies. What more do you need?

14. But, most importantly...

She's super passionate about her job at BuzzFeed. She's really sincere and has the utmost care for all BuzzFeed users (both readers and community contributors alike). She's always accessible and caring and kind and will never rebuke you for DMing her a dumb question that you could've just googled.

So let's all give her a "Thanks" and a "Happy Birthday!"

Oh, and here are some potato GIFs.


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