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12 Reasons The Chicago Manual Of Style Is Better Than MLA

The pedantic debate ends here.

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7. Chicago Manual has Ibid, which is short for "ibidem" which sounds really cool. MLA has nothing that sounds cool.

"Ibidem" is Latin for "the same place". You use it when you're citing from the same source twice in a row, this way you don't have to write the source out again. You just do "Ibid" and then the page number, if the page number is different.

8. Speaking of things that sound cool, the Chicago Manual of Style can also go by a badass nickname, "Turabian."

Turabian was a style guide developed by University of Chicago dissertation secretary Kate L. Turabian. The two styles are so similar they are, essentially, synonymous. The main difference is that the Chicago Manual of Style has more general rules, while Turabian's work has more specific guidelines for things like dissertations and theses.

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