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100 People Who Are Just As Royal As The Royal Baby

We're all made of the innards of large stars, so, really, we're ALL royal.

1. Any random baby that was born today.

2. The uppercut bus driver.

3. Your local crossing guard.

4. Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock.

5. Dave Coulier.

6. Jill Bolte Taylor.

7. Neil deGrasse-Tyson.

8. Amy Mainzer.

9. Sasha Sagan.

10. Alessandra Mussolini.

11. Suzy Lee Weiss.

12. A teacher at your local school district.

13. The family doctor.

14. A construction worker.

15. The ridiculously photogenic guy.

16. The entire BuzzFeed editorial staff.

17. And the BuzzFeed community contributors, too!

18. Michio Kaku.

19. Jeff Corwin.

20. Spinner from Degrassi.

21. A lab researcher.

22. This homeless person.

23. Leeroy Jenkins.

24. Strategy game developer, Johan Andersson.

25. An engineer.

26. A mathematician.

27. Zack Ryder.

28. Max Tegmark, cosmologist.

29. Robert Zubrin, aerospace engineer and founder of The Mars Society.

30. Ghanaian cardinal, Peter Turkson.

31. Joe Rogan.

32. Peter Shukoff (one of the Epic Rap Battles of History guys).

33. Lloyd Ahlquist (the other Epic Rap Battles of History guy).

34. Vince McMahon.

35. Tony Hawk.

36. Bucky Lasek.

37. George RR Martin.

38. Mortal Kombat creator, Ed Boon.

39. Landscapers.

40. Butlers.

41. Retail workers.

42. Barristas.

43. Furries.

44. Bronies (and Pegasisters too).

45. Brian Cox.

46. Benedict Cumberbatch.

47. Cumberbitches.

48. Nurses.

49. Chauffeurs.

50. Carl Winslow (Reginald VelJohnson).

51. Jeff Reardon, the guy who took the legendary "Piggy Poop Balls" photo.

Read more about it here.

52. Valet parking guys.

53. Legendary paleontologist, Jack Horner.

54. Firefighters.

55. Police officers.

56. Protesters.

57. Air traffic controllers.

58. Pilots.

59. Baggage train workers.

60. Janitors.

61. Taxi drivers.

62. College professors.

63. Harrison Ford.

64. This Reddit baby.

65. Marissa Mayer's baby.

66. Former World of Warcraft community manager, Caydiem.

67. Bank tellers.

68. Weathermen.

69. The people who make parody accounts on Twitter (yes, even them).

70. People who live below the poverty line.

71. Interns.

72. Tabatha Bundesen, owner of Tardar Sauce a.k.a. Grumpy Cat.

73. Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time.

74. Internet writers.

75. Internet commenters.

76. Edward Snowden.

77. Diamond Dallas Page.

78. Gordon Ramsay.

79. Food truck guys.

80. Door-to-door salespeople.

81. Jehovah's Witnesses.

82. David Boreanaz.

83. Kevin Sorbo.

84. Lucy Lawless.

85. Gabrielle (Renne O'Connor).

86. Waiters.

87. Busboys.

88. Porters.

89. Longshoremen.

90. Bricklayers.

91. Mo Vaughn.

92. Kyle Brady.

93. Plumbers.

94. Ric Flair.

95. Wayne Chrebet.

96. Becky "Icebox" O'Shea from Little Giants (Shawna Waldron).

97. Buddhist monks.

98. Single mothers.

99. Single fathers.

100. YOU!

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