10 Weird And Random Images From Non-Weird Google Searches

You get some pretty strange stuff when you search for relatively benign terms.


Search “eyeing” and you’ll see this picture of Catelyn Stark from Game of Thrones looking at some chicken mcnugget toys.


“Hey Arnold”

Image via DeviantArt user GenaMinna


A picture of a shoe when you search for “cough drops.”


A search for “Condom” turns up this bizarre German movie poster.


A search for “medicine” reveals this guy playing a ukulele.


This is one of the images for the world “explicable.” Weird.


Squeaky toys when you search for “Game of Thrones”. The explanation to this one is a little more reasonable. There apparently existed a rendition of the show’s theme song However, it has since been pulled off YouTube.


A cruel picture saying that Topanga looks like the ogre version of Fiona from Shrek can be found from “Boy Meets World.”


Beethoven shows up when you look for “Satan.”

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