10 Ways You Know That You’re Almost 10

The best part of life is over.

1. Your parents are starting to make you do chores.

2. Kiddie rides just don’t have the same appeal.

Riding with Spidey ain’t as cool as it used to be.

3. You’re excited (or sad) about moving past the Happy Meal and into the Mighty Kids Meal—or just bypassing the Mighty Kids Meal and going straight to Value Meals.

4. You have to do “reading projects” over summer vacation now.

5. These things are starting to look like baby toys.

6. John Cena shoes stop being cool and start to become a liability that’ll get you made fun of and ostracized from many a lunch table.

7. You’re enjoying your last few “free” meals, or at least your parents are.

8. You’re being bombarded with this in school.

It gets worse. So much worse.

9. Hiding behind your mom’s butt and other antisocial behavior around adults is no longer considered “just being shy.” Instead, it’s just rude.

10. Video games/tablet apps have replaced every action figure/doll/etc that you used to play with.

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