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    18 Facts That Reveal Why We're All Hypocrites On Climate Change

    Or why we're failing to lower our Co2 emissions

    1. You may have noticed how hardly anyone talks about climate change

    2. The reason is that most of us are in denial about the problem

    3. And carbon emissions remain way down on our list of priorities

    4. We are simply not facing up to the fact that Co2 has been allowed to climb to its highest levels ever

    5. And that climate change is already happening

    6. So what is going wrong? Well, first, our modest attempts to combat Co2 emissions haven't worked very well

    7. And when we do reduce our bills - we just spend the extra cash on holidays abroad or bargains in the January sales

    8. Second, our efforts to become more energy efficient appear to have no connection with the global production and consumption of fossil fuels

    9. In fact, our government’s policy is to expand new ways of getting more fuel out of the ground

    10. And if we are still allowing fossil fuels to be extracted, that means ‘business as usual’, or in other words, ‘emissions going in the wrong direction’

    11. So who, if anyone is to blame? Well some people point to these guys…

    12. And some point to this man (and his huskies) too

    13. Perhaps it's the fault of the polar bears?

    14. But no, the heart of the matter is that it’s our fault, because we point the finger at politicians instead of giving them a clear mandate to act

    15. So what can we do? For starters, we can call on our pension funds to stop investing in fossil fuel infrastructure and redirect funds to invest in renewable energy.

    16. And we can call on the government to do more of this kind of thing…

    17. But above all, we can play our own part in having a much better national conversation

    18. One where even the polar bears might be tempted to join in