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12 Things That Would Be True If You Were Dating Within A Royal Family

Since it's become so fashionable to date commoners — ahem, Harry — we thought we'd imagine what it would be like.

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1. Your dates would never be casual.

Hope you have an extensive wardrobe.

2. Your days of "general admission" would be over.

VIP entrance? You'd have your own entrance.

3. "Privacy" really wouldn't be a thing.

You'd pretty much only be alone in the bathroom.

4. But you'd definitely have fun trying to be alone.

Just don't forget to dress appropriately.

5. Birthdays wouldn't be just celebrations: They'd be events.

And good luck finding your royal SO a present.

6. Basically, everything you do would be an event.

"C'mon, we're just going out for coffee."

7. You would discover all new levels of family drama.

It turns out very old, very important families have very old and very important drama.

8. You would be constantly surprised by the menial tasks that they can't do.

"You'll never learn where the ignition is if I keep showing it to you."

9. Family reunions would always be interesting.

And you'd definitely appreciate your own family afterwards.

10. Their parents probably wouldn't approve of you.

Because, seriously, unless you are related to them, they are dating down.

11. There would be plenty of times where you'd have no idea what's going on.

You would learn to not ask questions.

12. But no matter how difficult, dating them would be pretty much the best.

Love is still love.

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