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    • TheRenaissanceClassic

      Let that hurt out girl. I was expecting that. It’s not uncommon for this type of response to be elicited by someone who feels they’ve been left out even though *ahem* there is not one person of color in this article or for that matter 95% of most magazines. Tell me Mindy, do you know anything about the cultural significance of an afro or are you just blinded by your entitlement to be able to do whatever you want as a white woman? Or are you just hurt by the fact that for the first time in your life you’ve been told that how you think is problematic? Are you upset that you’re not being included in something that is intrinsically associated with people of color? If you or any white woman want to walk around with an afro like it’s some cute new trend then go right ahead. But don’t be surprised when you’re called out for your blatant lack of understanding of cultural issues by those who overstand you. I find it funny how so self-involved you are to the point where you literally skipped over every opportunity to actually learn something and only took from that comment some phrase that was never mentioned in the first place. “Get over yourself” lol you’re funny Mindy, real funny.

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