13 Money Wasters In College We Were All Guilty Of

College is when most of us start managing our money for the first time. Unfortunately, it’s not always our best subject. But however you spent your money, SALT can help you face the consequence head on. You can even enter for a chance to win $10,000 to pay for college or pay back your loans.

1. When you went a little overboard on those dorm decorations:

charmedis / Via instagram.com

2. And bought out the entire poster stand’s inventory on a whim:

gabyheart / Via instagram.com

3. When you got the cadillac of meal plans because you thought it would keep you from eating out every other day:

myjuicyinstagram / Via instagram.com

4. When spring break left your wallet spring broken:

elzturn / Via instagram.com

5. When you refused to wear the same formal dress twice:

kibbleslovesbitt / Via instagram.com

6. And went all out on costumes for every single theme party ever thrown on campus:

mirandadevin / Via instagram.com

7. When you flunked that 8 a.m. class because did you really think you’d wake up that early:

icarlye93 / Via instagram.com

8. When your car inevitably became a magnet for parking tickets on campus because of that one long-winded professor:

suggybuggy / Via instagram.com

9. When you were incapable of resisting the call of daily lattes - sweet, sweet expensive lattes:

craulerson / Via instagram.com

10. When you waited till the last day to buy your books and had to buy all new ones that were basically printed on money:

evcallender / Via instagram.com

11. When you thought you’d actually use that personal top of the line printer/scanner that collected dust on your desk:

jesskabelikovdavidson / Via instagram.com

12. When you were like “SHOTS ALL AROUND!”:

claudstersxo / Via instagram.com

13. When you had to take an extra semester because you got a little ambitious with that double-major-with-a-minor-in-something-you’ll-never-use-in-real-life:

feliciousd / Via instagram.com

However you spent your money in college, SALT can help you face it:

We’re even giving away $10,000 to help a few students pay for college or pay back their loans.

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