18 Ways That Student Debt Is Like Living In A Horror Movie

Stuff that actually could happen is always scarier, isn’t it? Instead of trying to run and hide, SALT can help you face it head on. (We’re giving you a chance to win $10,000 to help pay for college or pay back your loans.)

1. Everything starts out so pleasant:

2. Seriously, you haven’t a care in the world:

3. Oh, wait. You owe tons of money, and it feels like debt collectors are watching everything:

4. Paranoia sets in:

5. Then you pick the creepiest moment to see the grand total of what you have to pay back:


7. You’re definitely never leaving your room:

8. But friends keep asking if you want to come get brunch (or go outside):

9. You’re like, “kinda busy being strangled by stress!”

10. You get this brilliant idea to make it all go away:

11. But that only makes the debt angrier:

12. Panic happens. Your ideas get more desperate:

13. (the lights go out all dramatic like):

14. It still figures out a way to find you:

15. Okay. You can either keep running or you can fight:

16. Breathe. It’s gone. You’ll be okay:

17. Wait. It’s back. (Of course it’s back!) Debt can haunt you for years if you let it:

With SALT, your student loans don’t have to be a horror story:

SALT has tools and advice to help you face and take control of your loans. Bonus: We’re giving you a chance to win $10,000 to help pay for or pay back the costs of college. Enter today!

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