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9 Couples Costumes That Double Your Cuteness

So, you’re in love. That’s great. There’s nothing better. Unless of course it’s showing your love to everyone through these couples’ costumes.

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1. Mario and Luigi Suits

Shelfies / Via

Your partner is your princess who needs no saving. Instead, they are your sidekick, an extra life, someone who will go into a haunted house armed only with a vacuum. Luckily, they do not suck and these two pairs of costumes don’t either.

4. Game Boys (and Girls!) Sweaters

Shelfies / Via

Consider these game boy sweaters as checkpoints. You can blow on them all you want, and there will be no crashing. Instead, people will want to touch your buttons. No cheat codes, please!

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Shelfies / Via

There are few things better than peanut butter and jelly together, and this Halloween, you can be one of those things because of these with peanut butter and jelly sweaters from Shelfies.

7. Nerdy nerds nerding out

Xtreme Costumes / Via

Between the two of you, there’s enough trivia to flood Mars (which you know would take approximately 2052900 cubic metres of water). Show your smarts with this sweet one from Xtreme Costumes.

9. Customize your shirt

Shelfies / Via

So you’re cute. So they’re cute. So both of you are cute. You know what would be cutest of all - putting each other’s faces all over your body to make cuter than cute cuties. Try it here.


There are a lot of couples costumes that you can build and create, if only you want to prove to everyone else that you two are the only thing worth loving this Halloween.

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