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Six Traits Business Professionals Could Learn From Don Draper

I will go through the series of Mad Men and pick the best traits that Don Draper exemplifies that could help business professionals in modern day.

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1. Posture / Via

Loyal viewers of the show Mad Men have noticed one major thing about Don, and that is his perfect posture in any situation. Posture is not only important for a persons physical body but it also communicates what someone is feeling or thinking. No matter the situation Don finds himself in he always is seen with a relaxed posture, having his shoulders back and head up. This shows that he is confident in himself and it also shows that he believes in what he is saying. Professionals need to realize that not all communication is verbal. Take a tip from Don and stand up straight!

2. Communication / Via

Communication in business is key. Both parties must be able to communicate their needs and desires to one another if both parties want to be satisfied. Don is a master communicator. He always speaks clearly, precisely and with conviction. He looks the person he is talking to straight in the eye and makes it seem like they are the only two people in the room and nothing else is more important than this exact moment in time. Don believes in what he is saying and so does his audience. Remember that communication is key!

3. Style / Via

It is commonly said when interviewing for a job that the applicant should dress for the job they want, not the one they have. Don does a great job of always dressing for the occasion. He is usually dressed in business professional attire that always fits him perfectly. A well tailored suit shows the corporate world that you care about how you look and that you can pay attention to detail. Don also has amazing style outside of the board room, whether its a day at the country club or dinner with the family he always dresses to impress. With that being said you should know what the majority of guest will be wearing before you go to an event or social gathering. You wouldn't wear a blue blazer to a black tie event, right? Of course not! You will always want to have a general idea of what the majority of people will be wearing, and you should dress accordingly.

4. Grooming / Via

Don is always clean shaven with his hair done just so. You can tell by just looking at him that it takes time and dedication to look the way he does. I feel like you already should know this but I'm still going to say it, you MUST take a shower everyday before work and you SHOULD smell good. These things matter to the people you work with and the people you work for. If you cant take care of yourself than how do you expect your boss to take care of you and give you more responsibility. The little things matter. Hygiene matters!

5. Confidence / Via

One of the most important traits in business if not the most important is confidence. You need to be confident if you want to win new business. You need to be confident if you want to impress your boss. You need to be confident in every aspect of life especially when it comes to business. If you don't believe in yourself then who will. Don always walks into the office dripping in confidence and swagger. He knows he's good and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks. He has taken risks and they have paid off which makes him even more confident. He has also failed and lost clients to other firms, Don does not dwell on his failures but looks at them as learning experiences. Be confident, you will need it!

6. Desire / Via

The world of business is extremely competitive. A professional that wants to get ahead needs to earn it. They need to stay motivated even when things don't go their way. Don has had many difficult meeting and sales pitches where he has had to overcome objection after objection. When Don gets an objection he doesn't lay down and wave the white flag. He gets up and goes after it again and again tell he closes the sale. If you want to succeed in business you have to want it. If you want something go out and take it. Nothing is going to be handed to you in the professional world. Do you want it? Then go out there and take it!

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