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This Woman’s Tweets About Finding Poop In Her Blanket On A Delta Flight Are Truly Incredible

No, I'm not shitting you.

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Nicole Byer is a UCB improviser and a comedian on MTV’s Girl Code.

Recently, Nicole was getting cozy on a Delta flight when she noticed something rather odd: there was some foul-smelling, dark substance in the complimentary blanket on her flight.

Upon closer inspection, Nicole realized that she was living a horrible nightmare: there was actual poop in her Delta blanket.

Dear @Delta the grossest thing happened on my flight. I opened my blanket & there was a literal piece of shit. How…

Yes, you read that correctly. Girl thought she could snuggle up in a regular blanket, and got herself a poo blanket instead.

If you're having difficulty spotting the poop, allow me to lighten that photo for you.


Good thing she had that barf bag handy — although, considering the circumstances, it could very well have already been full of vomit.

Nicole literally could not believe her misfortune, and explained that she would have taken a better photo of the poop nugget if she hadn’t been so emotionally traumatized.

.@Delta I would have taken a better picture of the crusty shit. But it was crusty shit and I didn't care to get close to it again.

.@Delta I mean what a gross customer to shit in a blanket... but truly how did an employee just fold it up and put it in a bag?

.@Delta I guess now I'll be cold on all my flights because I can never use a blanket again BC A LITERAL PIECE OF SHIT WAS IN MY LAST BLANKET

.@Delta honestly I'm shook to my core. This shitty blanket situation might make me switch airlines. I mean truly 😭😔😩👹💩

Honestly, the whole thing is not only horrifying, it’s a maddening mystery: who would poop in a blanket? And, more importantly, why? How did they do it? Did they take it into the bathroom and just drop a deuce? Did they run out of toilet paper in the airplane lavatory? The questions abound!!!

Nicole said that she did tell alert her flight attendant to the “situation,” but the damage had already been done.

Not surprisingly, Nicole was not alone in her disgust. Her Twitter followers could not believe what they were seeing.

@nicolebyer @Delta what on earth I'm gagging

@nicolebyer @Delta you can legit sue I mean I can't believe this. Biscoff cookies can't get you out of this one.

Some people tried to (understandably) make light of the situation. Because when life hands you poop blankets, you make … poop-blanket-ade?

@nicolebyer @NikkiGlaser when I wrap up in a blanket that happens. cause that's what I am. :(

@nicolebyer @Delta I didn't have a blanket on my last flight but they gave me vodka, a snack box and I bet they would give me poop if asked.

@nicolebyer @NikkiGlaser @Delta eww Dasani

The most shocking facet of this whole mystery is the fact that Delta seemed fairly unperturbed about the entire situation. In fact, they simply advised Nicole to say something to her flight attendant.

@nicolebyer Appreciate you calling it to our attention. Please reach out to the FA onboard for assistance. *LS

Um, what about payment for emotional damages, Delta??

Nicole couldn’t believe that the airline didn’t even offer her an apology or attempt to rectify the situation in any way.

.@delta are u kidding? Of course I told the flight attendant. I'm emotionally scared and this is all you ask? THERE…

@Delta truly what would you do if their was shit in your blanket on your flight? I can't believe you didn't even apologize. Im floored.

Eventually, the company apparently offered some sort of compensation for Nicole's shitty (ha!) situation after a flight attendant confirmed her story.

Here's the @delta shit blanket update. My ticket will be refunded and I'll get 50,000 miles and 600 delta dollars and they are...

gonna investigate further internally. The flight attendant confirmed there was indeed shit in the blanket and that's the end of 💩blanket

Hope you’re cool with losing another customer, Delta — because I don't think you’re coming back from “Sorry you found human shit in your blanket.”

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