This Costume Designer's Pokémon-Inspired Disney Princesses Will Make You Weep With Joy


    Wilberth Gonzalez is a New York-based costume designer from Texas.

    Gonzalez has created some beautifully memorable costumes for the stage and screen ... and even for himself!

    Recently, Wilberth became inspired by the #MyStyleChallenge, which challenges artists to draw a character in multiple animation and illustration styles.

    Wilberth decided to create illustrations of these Pokémon-infused princesses, imagining what these iconic ladies might look like with an added dash of Squirtle, Pikachu and the gang.

    In this imaginary world, Ariel would swim through the depths of the ocean with her pals, Magikarp and Kingler. Naturally, she would also have a Starmie bra and a Gyarados tail.

    Mulan would *obviously* be accompanied by her trusty guardian, Dragonair, while carrying her lucky Caterpie.

    Cinderella would make her dress with the help of Raticate, Rattata, and Pidgey — with a Meowth skulking nearby.

    Jasmine would have her loyal Arcanine by her side, would befriend the mischievous Mankey, all while the wily Spearow watched on.

    Aurora would frolic in the forest with the help of several Butterfrees, a Farfetch’d, and a couple of Oddishes.

    Instead of seven dwarves, Snow White would live with seven Mr. Mimes — and serenade a Pidgey.

    The witch from Brave would turn Princess Merida into a Tangela! Eeep!

    Pocahontas would explore the river bend with her woodland pals: Slowbro, Eevee, and Doduo.

    And Rapunzel would escape from her tower with the help of a tiny Squirtle, and ride off into the sunset on Rapidash.

    Fingers crossed that Wilberth keeps this series going, because I think we could all be ~very~ happy in this Disney-Pokémon crossover world.

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