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The Cubs And D-Backs Turned A Rain Delay Into The Greatest Dance-Off Of All Time

Need a way to make baseball entertaining? Look no further.

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As far as professional sports go, baseball is one of the – ahem – slower ones. Major League Baseball is already grappling with how to speed up the pace of play, enforcing time limits between innings and during manager mound visits.

Here's a suggestion, though – why don't we just listen to the Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks' bullpens? With nothing to do during a rain delay on August 3, the two bullpens put on an entertainment spectacle for the ages. Let's break down the best moments from their epic dance-off.

Chicago gets things started by calling out Arizona, doing what any normal group of dudes does when calling out an opponent – sporting super creepy plastic animal masks.

Because obviously you should always have plastic animal masks on hand for when the perfect moment strikes.

The D-Backs respond with your standard upside-down-jersey swap.

Decent execution of a trite move. But we're just getting started.

Then Arizona really takes things up a notch, nailing this bobsled roller coaster move.

That synchronization, tho.

But Carl Edwards Jr. is having none of it. He’s just posting up out here tryna catch a fish.

Brilliant commitment to the roles from both Edwards and his teammate, who makes for a pretty convincing fish.

The D-Backs just keep rolling with the elaborate moves, though. Here’s the Human Bowling Alley, executed to absolute perfection.

This one steals the show – 10/10. The Cubs promptly tip their caps and admit defeat.

Who says baseball has to be boring?

If we’re looking for ways to make the game more fun, maybe we should start taking some queues from the Cubs and D-Backs bullpens. How about a dance-off per game? In between innings?

Just a thought, MLB, just a thought.

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