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    14 Times Taylor Swift Proved She Was The Best Part Of Tumblr

    File this under "posts that define why I frequent this website."

    1. When she learned that fire is hot:

    2. When she embraced Red as the official album of autumn:

    3. When she defined "meow":

    4. When she was too excited to sleep:

    5. When she had to choose between Drunk Taylor and Banana Taylor:

    6. When she dragged her own fashion sense:

    7. When she shaded-but-didn't-shade her cat:

    8. When she was tired AF:

    9. When she cringed at old diary entries:

    10. When she didn't know how to Tumblr:

    11. When she got dragged:

    12. When she realized she was past her prime:

    13. When her mom was Debbie:

    14. And the most iconic moment of all, when she acknowledged the infamous Becky post: