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    10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Northern Ireland At Least Once In Their Life.

    Northern Ireland is mostly known for the 'troubles' that occurred there, but its so much more than that.

    1. The Ulster Fry

    The Ulster Fry, which is basically their version of an English breakfast,is the perfect hangover food and will leave you full for the whole day. It included, Potato Bread, Sasuages, Bacon, Beans, Eggs, & Soda Bread.

    2. The 'Craic' is Always Mighty.

    Craic (which is pronounced crack, and no not that crack) is the term the Irish use for fun and trust me there is plenty of it there. From the classic Irish Pubs to the people you'll meet there is always fun (craic) to be had.

    3. The Belfast Murals.

    The Murals depict much of the history of this country from the past and the present. They tell stories of Northern Ireland's troubled past, but also showing how far they have come. They are fascinating & you can get a tour of them while you are there!

    4. The Giants Causeway

    Giants Causeway is probably one the biggest attractions in Northern Ireland due to its pure beauty. It's located on the northeast coast & comes with it's own legend. You can read all about it here:

    5. The Mourne Mountains & Tolleymore Park

    The Mourne Mountains are the tallest mountains in Northern Ireland and the stretch down to the coast. Within that range there is a park called Tolleymore (for all you Game of Thrones fans they film some of the show there) and its magical.

    6. The Pubs

    You can't go to Northern Ireland (or Ireland for that matter) and not go to one of their fine pubs. In Belfast there is a vast array of pubs to go to including the Crown Liquor Saloon which is one of Northern Ireland's most famous pubs. The Duke of York Pub is pretty famous as well. The pubs are always a good time and you can strike a conversation with almost anyone. And make sure you order (or at least try) some Bushmills Whiskey, which is distilled in Northern Ireland.

    7. The Titanic

    Most people know about the Titanic, probably because of the record breaking movie, but did you know it was actually built in Belfast? If you are interested in the history of the Titanic (like how it was made and so on) then you should go to the newly built Titanic Museum in Belfast.

    8. Dundrum Castle

    Who doesn't like going to a castle? Like most castles this one is also full of history and was created during the 13th century. As you can imagine a lot of the castle is gone now but there is still enough to see. If you want to learn more visit this website,

    9. Belfast City Hall

    The city hall in Belfast is really beautiful and has a Victorian look to it. Its located right in the center of the city. They offer free tours and during the holiday season they have their annual Christmas Market full of all kinds of vendors.When the weather is nice outside you can find people having picnics or laying out on the fields right in front of the building.

    10. Stormont Parliment Building

    If you are interested in government then you'd want to check this place out. Located in the outskirts of Belfast, this is the main governing building of Northern Ireland. Like the city hall you can also get a free tour of this place and see how beautiful the inside is. The gardens are also quite beautiful and the royal family comes here when they are in town, need I say more?

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