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    • thequietbird

      The flooding was limited really only to the Olmos Basin, which always floods in some way or another when it rains. The flooding wasn’t catastrophic, nor did it consume San Antonio.Ilive near Sea World. There’s some low water crossings in my neighborhood, but people here have enough sense to stay away from these small areas and stay home.  All the rain poured Friday night and Saturday went over well. Heck,Ieven went forarun.Ihad no idea it flooded near my friend until she told me last night, whileIwas at her apartment foravisit. (She lives near the Quarry.) By then, all the water, save forastretch of 281, was gone and the mud was cleaned up.  Sure it’s sad two ladies had to pass away, but y’all need to realize San Antonio isapretty large city, and what happens in one area of SA won’t necessarily happen in another area.

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