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19 Filipino Bold Movie Titles That Make You Say "WTF?!?!"

In the Philippines, erotic films are called "bold movies." No pun intended.

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1. Ang Magsasaging ni Pacing


What does it mean: Pacing's Banana Vendor

What is it about: It's about Pacing's banana vendor, who happens to be an attractive young woman. Released during Christmas season, the film was wildly popular due to its cheeky title and lead actress Rosanna Ortiz's performance.

3. Balahibong Pusa


What does it mean: Furry Cat

What is it about: A young woman suspects that her mother's fiance is sexually attracted to her so she confides everything to her boyfriend, who happens to work at her soon-to-be-stepfather's mechanic shop and is having an affair with another woman. Oddly enough, this erotic thriller has nothing to do with cats.

5. Room 69


What is it about: It deals with the lives of prostitutes living in a brothel called "Room 69." Aside from having an ensemble cast, it is also known for being the last film of controversial bold film actress Pepsi Paloma right before she committed suicide.

7. Arayyy!


What does it mean: Ouchhh!

What is it about: It's an oddly serious film named after a popular novelty song about the fate of prostitutes in the chaotic city of Manila. Producers could have chosen a better title though.

8. Tag-ulan Ngayon... Ang Bukid ay Basa 2


What does it mean: It's The Rainy Season Now... The Field is Wet 2

What is it about: It's a sequel to a poverty porn movie called "It was the Rainy Season Then, the Field was Wet" (yes, it bears a slightly different title) about a girl who lives an even more difficult life after drought made rice nearly impossible to harvest and she is forced to marry a wealthy bachelor despite being in love with her childhood friend.

9. Anakan Mo Ako


What does it mean: Impregnate Me

What is it about: A tribeswoman wants to escape from her powerful and sex-hungry husband who wouldn't mate with other tribeswomen in his harem until she gets pregnant. She gets an opportunity though when a modern man enters their forest. The movie is also notable for the song "No Matter What" by Boyzone in the trailer and it was aired on TV during commercial breaks.

11. Masarap na Pugad


What does it mean: Delicious Nest

What is it about: Two lovers named Gareth and Koala fight for their love despite their disapproving parents and their other admirers. So the question is: how do you eat a bird's nest?

12. Kapag Ang Palay Naging Bigas... May Bumayo


What does it mean: The title basically means that if the rice had their husks removed, someone has pounded over them. It doesn't have a direct translation since both "palay" and "bigas" are words for rice, the former being rice grains with husks still intact.

What is it about: No known synopsis ever exists partly because most people only care about the title. It has been largely touted as the most unusual title in a Filipino movie.

13. Egg


What does it mean: Egg

What is it about: An ex-convict is given another chance of life by a duck egg farmer, but complications arrive when the farmer's son returns home with his wife and the ex-convict starts an affair with the farmer's much younger wife, played by a 15-year old newcomer Diana Zubiri. (Yes, minors acting in bold movies were a norm, which was technically against the law yet a lot of producers had gotten away from it.)

14. Bibingka


What does it mean: A type of ricecake, cooked over fire and topped with cheese and/or slices of salted egg

What is it about: Two long-separated sisters meet again, only to find out that they share the same man. The poster is very misleading, however, because it features a girl making "puto bumbong", a different rice delicacy that is shaped in a long cylindrical mold and is topped with sugar and margarine. It could have been named "Puto Bumbong" instead and still make it to this list.

15. Kesong Puti


What does it mean: White Cheese (similar to feta)

What is it about: A wealthy man in Lumban, Laguna, known for producing the said cheese, can only get his inheritance once he and his wife has produced a child. Sadly he discovers that he is impotent, which creates for a very wild family scandal.

16. Kangkong


What does it mean: Swamp Cabbage, or Ipomoea aquatica

What is it about: A stereotypical Filipino-American woman returns to a kangkong plantation the Philippines and enters an illicit affair with a Catholic priest. Needless to say, this movie is all sorts of wrong.

17. Talong


What does it mean: Eggplant

What is it about: In an odd gender-reversed Cinderella story, a female artist falls in love with an eggplant farmer, who after their first bump leaves behind a large eggplant. She then has to track him down with the eggplant on hand. Okay, that's enough phallic symbols for today.

18. Patikim ng Pinya


What does it mean: May I Taste Your Pineapple?

What is it about: A fruit vendor uses her seductive charms to lure men, but experiences the pain of falling in love when she meets a stranger. Because the title was deemed "too vulgar" for film censors, it uses the alternative title "Patikim" (Taste) in its posters. That did not prevent people who have and haven't seen to remember it by its original title though.

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