18 Things Twitter Would Do If “The Purge” Was Real

What would you do #IfThePurgeWasReal? Bolt your doors, lock your windows, and prepare for The Purge: Anarchy, coming to theaters July 18.

1. Pull the greatest prank in AHS history.

2. Enroll in 12 hours’ worth of night classes.

3. Take a walk in the park.

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4. Break all the rules.

5. Kill…

If The Purge was real I would just stay in the house and kill time.

— CHINEDU (@chineducomedy)

6. …and slaughter.

If the Purge was real I would participate by illegally obtaining mass amounts of bubble wrap & then I would slaughter every single bubble.

— Olan Rogers (@OlanRogers)
MGP / Photolibrary / Getty Images

7. Take out the takeout haters.

#IfThePurgeWasReal I'll go after people who don't like pizza

— Farah. A (@furrrah96)

8. Focus on one food group.

I think if the purge were real I would lock myself in the Jiff factory & eat all the peanut butter I wanted

— Ashley (@kisss_my_ashhh)

9. “Acquire” lunch.

Two words: "Free" tacos #IfThePurgeWasReal

— Alexes (@Alexes_Writing)
DreamPictures / Blend Images / Getty Images

10. Get rich or die purgin’.

#IfThePurgeWasReal I would open a lemonade stand..... WITHOUT A PERMIT!

— طاقم (@DeonD09)

11. Slash and destroy.

#IfThePurgeWasReal I would rip off the tags on mattresses

— Brooklynn (@Brookelander)

12. Beef up.

#IfThePurgeWasReal I'd get an unlimited supply of protein powder

— Gym Life™ (@GymLife16)
Drazen Vukelic / E+ / Getty Images

13. Ummmm.

If the purge was real i would build a house made out of poop and hide in there, nobody would want to go in there

— Musolo Mwila (@Mweezus)

14. Hate the environment a bit.

If the purge was real I'd probably just litter a bit and call it a night

— Tucker Jacob (@cityslickah16)

15. Literally hide.

If the purge was real I think I would literally just hide in the dumpster until it was over

— Sequoia Woodard (@Toyyaaa_)
Sherwin McGehee / E+ / Getty Images

16. Become lovable.

If The Purge was real I'd put on a Raymond costume because everyone loves Raymond.

— Tyler Otto (@Tyler_Otto60)

17. Watch the world burn.

Man, if The Purge were real I would do SO MUCH LOITERING

— Krister Rollins (@KristerR)

18. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I would cry if the Purge was real

— Brittany Johnson (@BMichelle_1)

What would you do? Get advance tickets to The Purge: Anarchy, in theaters everywhere July 18.

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