Can You Survive This Post Without Screaming?

Prepare yourself for imminent spine tingles. Even if you survive this post, do you think you can Survive the Night when all evil runs wild? Face the definition of fright and don’t miss The Purge, only in theaters June 7th.

1. It’s another dark and stormy night on the Internet.

2. And it’s quiet.

The Grudge, Columbia Pictures / Via

3. A bit too quiet.

4. Wait, what’s that noise?

5. It’s almost like… someone’s watching you…

The Purge, Universal Pictures / Via

6. Wait, wasn’t the window closed like two seconds ago…?

7. Maybe you should go investig—

Dead Silence, Universal Pictures / Via

8. How about you just kick back and watch some TV to unwind.

9. Hmm, the cable must be out. Could’ve sworn it was working earlier…

Poltergeist, MGM Studios / Via

10. All this creepiness has made you tense. A quick dip in the tub couldn’t hurt.

Creature from the Black Lagoon, Universal Studios / Via

11. Yeah, a nice bubble bath sounds pretty swell right about now.

12. Er, how about you do some light reading instead.

13. Just go take a seat in your favorite easy chair, and…

The Exorcist, Warner Bros.


14. Oh no. There goes the lights.

15. Wait wait wait, hold the phone. Do you hear…footsteps?

REC, Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

16. That’s weird. You’ve been home alone this whole time. Right?

17. Right?

Marble Hornets / Via

18. Shh, listen closely. It sounds like there’s someone outsi—

19. Oh, haha, it’s just a stray kitty cat. What a relief.

20. I could’ve sworn I saw some—


21. Okay, you know what? It’s getting late. And dark.

22. And let’s be honest: we never really know what’s lurking in the pitch black of night.

23. So be sure to check for monsters beneath your bed.

Dead Birds, Sony Pictures / Via

24. Go on, get all snug and cozy under your covers.

Psycho Circus / Via

25. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Probably.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, FilmDistrict / Via

26. Even though you have that niggling feeling that someone’s watching you…

27. Try to ignore everything that goes bump in the night.

REC, Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

28. And everyone.

The Purge, Universal Pictures / Via

29. And drift off to sleep, once and for all.

Ju-on: The Grudge / Via

So you’ve survived the post. But can you survive the night? The Purge, only in theaters June 7th.

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