The 10 Things Every Stylish Guy Should Own

When you’re ready to outgrow those ironic mustache t-shirts it’s best to start with here.

1. A good navy blazer

It can be dressed down with jeans or dressed up for the office, and your professional lady friends will love it.

2. Dress shirts that fit

Learn your measurements and buy fitted shirts. A tent is meant for camping, not wearing.

3. Add a solid watch

If you’re still tempted to use your iPhone to tell the time you’re doing it wrong.

4. Some brown dress boots

That’s right: not dress shoes, not hiking boots, but dress boots. Brown not black. They’ll take you from the bar to the boardroom and look great the whole way.

5. A pair of dark jeans

Cuff them or hem them, doesn’t matter. Get them straight leg and dark and then wear them into the ground.

6. Big boy hangers

Don’t hang your clothes on the crappy wire drycleaner hangers. Pony up and get nice wooden or plastic molded hangers.

7. A real travel bag

Ditch the backpack, get a bag made of real leather; it will age well and be your constant companion for years.

8. Something other than a North Face jacket

Every guy needs a coat to battle the elements, get a ruggedly stylish one and never take it off.

9. Classic Shades

It’s time to toss the white Oakleys that you bought Freshman year. A good pair of sunglasses adds a little mystery.

10. A signature scent

Every woman notices a man’s scent. Pick something masculine and unique, there doesn’t need to be another bottle of Abercrombie cologne walking around.

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