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'The Office' Series Finale As Told By 'Mean Girls'

On Wednesdays everyone at Dunder-Mifflin wears pink.

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Andy's acapella audition BREAKDOWN goes viral (Baby Wawa!):


Don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang Nard-Dog, even if Seth Meyers and Bill Hader make fun of you on SNL.

Nellie runs into Toby (the LAST person that she wants to see) at the airport and he starts talking to her:

The flashback to Kevin getting unfairly fired by Dwight:


Though Kevin does get a chocolate cake as a result. Just saying.

Jim's awesome bachelor party full of "only good surprises" for Dwight as the best man of the wedding:


Jim makes Dwight apologize to Kevin for firing him. Jim is indeed SUCH A GOOD FRIEND like Gretchen Weiners. GUTEN PRANKEN.

The Dunder-Mifflin ladies and Angela's sister Rachael party it up at Angela's bachelorette party:

Then, Meredith's son arrives as the main attraction of the bachelorette party and Meredith joins her son in entertaining Angela:


Like NO. But then again, it's Meredith.

Back at the bachelor party, Dwight totally enjoys firing a bazooka. But he totally doesn't enjoy their "waitress" at the restaurant afterwards:


He just wants an onion loaf for the table! Is that too much to ask?!

Angela is kidnapped by Dwight's cousin Mose during her bachelorette party:


Angela does get locked in a car trunk, but it's Schrute tradition, okay?

At the documentary panel, Andy runs into adoring fans before it begins:



Everyone at the panel gives Pam a hard time for not paying Jim back for all of his romantic gestures:


Beesley HATERS.

Erin FINALLY meets her biological parents at the end of the panel:

At Dwight and Angela's wedding, Ryan shows up with a baby:


The baby is named Drake, but not after the rapper. It's simply the combination of the names Drew and Blake, of course.

Jim steps down as the best man of the wedding (again, following Schrute tradition) so that Michael can take the important role:


It's more than so fetch. It's like the best moment EVER. That's what she said.

When Dwight and Angela officially become Mr. and Mrs. Schrute:


Dwight + Angela = Meant to be.

Michael shows Pam pictures of his kids with Holly. Once again:


He has two phones because of ALL of the pictures that he has of his kids. YES. That's definitely so fetch.

Kelly and Ryan run off together while Ravi is taking care of baby Drake and we TOTALLY saw it coming:

Then Ravi gives Drake to Kevin and Kevin gives Drake to Nellie, who keeps him instead of giving him to Child Services:


Nellie is FINALLY a mother! Life is fantastic.

Meanwhile, Jim and Pam come home from the wedding and find Carol showing their house to possible buyers:


Jim is confused.

Pam DOES pay Jim back for all of his romantic gestures by successfully selling their house in Scranton so that Jim can follow his dreams and continue working at Athleap (formerly Athlead) in Austin, Texas:


THAT'S RIGHT. Take that Pam haters at the documentary panel!

Pam unveils her AMAZING warehouse mural of the history of the Scranton branch, the group takes one final picture together, and they hang out for one final time together at Dunder-Mifflin:

Jim and Pam officially quit and Dwight fires them instead:


But Jim and Pam do get "punished" with great severance packages because they are well-liked and because JPD are BFFs FOR LIFE.

Creed (who lives in the office) sings and plays guitar, the employees reminisce, and they do their final talking-head interviews EVER:


Pam takes down her watercolor of the building. WONDERFUL. She says the final quote of the show. PERFECT.

"I think an ordinary paper company like Dunder-Mifflin was a great subject for a documentary. There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn't that kind of the point?"

Watching the two-hour finale celebration without moving a muscle, even if we're hungry:


YES Karen. We're starving and we're crying our eyes out over the end of The Office. So, we DO want to go to Taco Bell, like right now.

Farewell, The Office!

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