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A Knockout To The Makeup Industry

When it comes to makeup, Karity makes creativity affordable.

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Karity founder Isaac Rami
Simchy Zuckerman / Via

Karity founder Isaac Rami

In one corner of the ring, you have the heavyweights—Sephora, ULTA, MAC, Estee Lauder, Loreal. In the other corner, you have the young startup, Karity.

It's easy to place your bet on the reigning champions, but here's why the knockout punch in this boxing match will be delivered by Karity.

Punches above its weight

Online shopping is what everyone, and I do mean everyone, does nowadays. It's big business. We're talking more than $103 million spent shopping online during Thanksgiving Day last year alone, according to one industry group's survey.

Today, you can buy makeup anywhere online— to Nordstrom. However, unlike its mass-produced and overpriced counterparts, Karity wants to bridge the gap between luxury beauty and fair prices.

Floats like a butterfly; stings like a bee

Karity is the brainchild of Isaac Rami, 26, an immigrant raised in the U.S., who lovingly named the company after his wife's maiden name. Karity, in merely two years, is already achieving seven digits in sales, including selling 71,000 pigmented eyeshadows in the first six months they were released.

"Thanks to our direct to consumer approach we are able to invest the majority of our money into the product quality where traditional brands invest more into distribution and marketing, which only ends up adding to the price charged to customers," says Rami.

"For too long the beauty industry has been cornered by a handful of corporations and the barrier to entry was too high," Rami adds. "The Internet changes that. Thanks to social media, brands like Karity can flourish."

The competition is on the ropes

Just as remarkable as its ability to bridge quality and affordability is Karity's marketing strategy. Up until this year, it was simply word of mouth and social media that made Karity famous.

Case in point: This YouTube dupe video by vlogger Makeupdoll proves that Karity eyeshadows trump MAC's, again, more bang for your buck. As Makeupdoll says in her video, "Karity eyeshadows are putting MAC eyeshadows to shame right now. I'm kinda over MAC after looking at all these swatches." While MAC is super pricey, Karity is pigmented and inexpensive.

"Karity makes creativity affordable," states Rami. "An artist is only as good as the tools he or she uses."

Pay $12 for one eye shadow from MAC or pay $5 from Karity? That's the K.O. punch lightweight Karity is delivering to the makeup industry's heavyweights.

Simchy Zuckerman / Via

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