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24 Perfectly Spooky Halloween Accessories You Need To Own

Because a Halloween costume isn't complete without creepy jewelry.

1. Creepy Pumpkin, Crow, and Tree Limb Ring

GeschmeideUnterTeck / Via

One of the creepiest and coolest rings ever. Buy it here.

2. Spooky Halloween Watch

SunnyRiverCreations / Via

BONUS: It has a glow-in-the dark pumpkin. Buy it here.

3. Ouija Necklace

MisfitMakes / Via

Summon spirits with this cute and occult necklace. Buy it here.

4. Beetlejuice Brooches

SayonaraBaby / Via

Make sure to say "Beetlejuice" three times while wearing these dope brooches. Buy these and other Halloween movie-inspired brooches here.

5. Mini Raven Skull Necklace

RavenRanch / Via

Because what's creepier than wearing a raven skull around your neck? NOTHING. Buy it here.

6. Jack Skellington Earrings

Ear2There / Via

The Nightmare Before Christmas ALWAYS. Buy it here.

7. "Creep It Real" Ring

IdleHandShop / Via

This ring speaks for itself. Buy it here.

8. "Wish You Were Here" Coffin Brooch

SayonaraBaby / Via

So cute. So morbid. Buy it here.

9. Anatomical Heart Necklace

RinaStudioJewelry / Via

For my Edgar Allen Poe fans out there. Buy it here.

10. Witch Shoe Earrings

Ear2There / Via

In honor of the clotheshorse in you. Buy it here.

11. Hocus Pocus Trio of Necklaces

WithLoveFromOC / Via

Channel your inner Sanderson Sister. Buy them here.

12. Nail Through Finger Ring

RockCakes / Via

It's bloody awesome. Buy it here.

13. Human Tooth Earrings

NeatEats / Via

Your dream Halloween accessory and your dentist's worst nightmare. Buy it here.

14. Steampunk Black Lace Collar

WhiteLotusCouture / Via

Calling all the steampunks out there. Buy it here.

15. Mummy Earrings

Ear2There / Via

Wrap your ears in these adorable earrings. Buy it here.

16. Rainbow Skull Necklace

ThePendantIsland / Via

The ideal item for either Halloween or the Day of the Dead. Or both. Buy it here.

17. Doll Arm Pendant

UncannyCuriosities / Via

Mad creepy. Look at it! There's both blood and a bone STICKING OUT. Buy it here.

18. Vintage Spider Brooch

NorthEastVintageShop / Via

It's more stylish than scary. Buy it here.

19. Antique Green Eyeball Necklace

iceblues / Via

Pretty and perf for Halloween. Buy it here.

20. Gothic Skull Poison Glass Bottle Necklace

13thPsyche / Via

Because wearing a vial with a mystery liquid inside of it is ALWAYS CREEPY. ALWAYS. Buy it here.

21. Banded Krait Snake Ear Cuff

StylesBiju / Via

Reason #1: It's an ear cuff. Reason #2: It's a snake. Buy it here.

22. Severed Pinky Toe Earrings

Trulyspecialoccasion / Via

Yes these are GROSS, but don't they look super cool too? Buy it here.

23. Rhinestone Tarantula Rings

Priyasha / Via

These are too GORGE. Buy them here.

24. Bat Bracelet Cuff

PinkingEdgeDesigns / Via

Because cuffs are always rad, but this bat one is especially rad. Buy it here.

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