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24 Perfectly Spooky Halloween Accessories You Need To Own

Because a Halloween costume isn't complete without creepy jewelry.

1. Creepy Pumpkin, Crow, and Tree Limb Ring

2. Spooky Halloween Watch

3. Ouija Necklace

4. Beetlejuice Brooches

5. Mini Raven Skull Necklace

6. Jack Skellington Earrings

7. "Creep It Real" Ring

8. "Wish You Were Here" Coffin Brooch

9. Anatomical Heart Necklace

10. Witch Shoe Earrings

11. Hocus Pocus Trio of Necklaces

12. Nail Through Finger Ring

13. Human Tooth Earrings

14. Steampunk Black Lace Collar

15. Mummy Earrings

16. Rainbow Skull Necklace

17. Doll Arm Pendant

18. Vintage Spider Brooch

19. Antique Green Eyeball Necklace

20. Gothic Skull Poison Glass Bottle Necklace

21. Banded Krait Snake Ear Cuff

22. Severed Pinky Toe Earrings

23. Rhinestone Tarantula Rings

24. Bat Bracelet Cuff

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