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    23 Obama Items That You Need Before 2016 Ends

    The POTUS, FLOTUS, and First Family with the MOSTEST. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE.

    1. Saint Michelle and Barack Prayer Candles

    TheEternalFlame / Via

    Praise the POTUS and FLOTUS.

    2. Michelle Obama Hand-Illustrated Print

    roaringsoftly / Via

    Because, best motto ever. Also, flower crowns.

    3. Michelle 2020 T-Shirt

    MichelleObama2020 / Via

    Make America Obama Again.

    4. Michelle Obama Quote Poster

    AmeliaStreetStudio / Via

    The FLOTUS with the BEST QUOTES-US.

    5. Barack Obama Enamel Pin

    thefoundretail / Via

    Take President Obama with you wherever you go.

    6. Michelle Obama Enamel Pin

    thefoundretail / Via

    Take the First Lady with you too!

    7. Barack Obama Quotes Poster

    NaomisIllustrations / Via

    Again, the POTUS with the BEST QUOTES-US.

    8. Handmade Magnet of the Obamas

    BrownskinThings / Via

    Because you know that you want the best part of that Essence Magazine photo spread on your fridge.

    9. Thanks Obama! Cross Stitch Art

    MegaloDesigns / Via

    A constant reminder of these past eight (and great) years hanging in your home.

    10. Barack and Michelle Oil Painting

    KyegombeFineArt / Via

    Again, a constant reminder of these past eight and great years hanging in your home. Also, #RelationshipGoals.

    11. The Obamas Printed Illustration

    Nikisgroove / Via


    12. Obama Drop the Mic T-Shirt

    StyleWars / Via

    The coolest U.S. president in history.

    13. Barack Obama Birthday Card

    TheCardArchitect / Via

    Give the gift of Obama for someone's birthday.

    14. Barack Sticker Set

    sassycelebs / Via

    As item #2 on this list has shown...flower crowns.

    15. Michelle Sticker Set

    sassycelebs / Via

    Of course, you need Michelle stickers too.

    16. Obama and Dogs Buttons

    ButtnBooty / Via


    17. Obama and Lady Liberty Mug

    PoliticallyComical / Via

    For those of you who really don't want the inauguration to happen.

    18. "I Miss Barack" Dad Hat

    MakkeDesign / Via

    For those of you who really, really don't want the inauguration to happen.

    19. Obama Supreme Poster

    PorrinoDesigns / Via


    20. Barack Sweater Jumper

    HelloSookieClothing / Via

    Again, dope.

    21. Obama All Over T-Shirt

    Shweeet / Via

    A plethora of POTUS.

    22. Michelle Obama Clutch

    InfinityPurse / Via

    Featuring the wonderful FLOTUS and one of her covers of Vogue.

    23. Shepard Fairey Art Print

    oceanview3 / Via

    Throwback to history being made in 2008.

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