What Type Of Preppy Style Fits You?

There are four types, find out which one you are!

  1. Pick your favorite pattern.
    1. Via Pixababy
    2. Via Wikipedia
    1. Via Public Domain Pictures
    2. Via Public Domain Pictures
      Solid Color - No Pattern
  2. Your idea of an enjoyable Friday evening is
    1. Via Pixabay
      Bonfire/House Party
    2. Via Pixabay
      A Dinner Out
    1. Via Pixabay
      A Relaxing Night In
    2. Via Pixabay
      Party/Clubbing/Bar Hopping
  3. Your first beverage of the day is
    1. Via Pixabay
    2. Via Pixabay
      Latte or Cappuchino
    1. Via Pixabay
    2. Via Pixabay
      Fruit Juice
  4. Your dream vacation destination is
    1. Via Pixabay
      Tropical Paradise On The Beach
    2. Via Pixabay
      Cabin In The Mountains
    1. Via Pixabay
      Historic Landmark Site
    2. Via Pixabay
      Resort With Sport and Leisure Activities
  5. Time for dessert! Your favorite thing to order is
    1. Via Pixabay
    2. Via Pixabay
    1. Via Pixabay
      Ice Cream, Gelato, Or Sorbet
    2. Via Pixabay
      Warm Pie With Ice Cream
  6. The music genre you're in the mood for right now is
    1. Via Pixabay
      Pop/ Top 40’s
    2. Via Pixabay
      Jazz/ Classical
    1. Via Pixabay
      R&B/ Soul/ Rap
    2. Via Pixabay
      Old School/ 80’s/ 90’s
  7. Tomorrow is a free day with no plans, you would love to
    1. Via Pixabay
      Go To The Country Club
    2. Via Pixabay
      Grab A Book And Read
    1. Via Pixabay
      Hang Out With A Friend (Movies, Mall, Etc.)
    2. Via Pixabay
      Attend An Event (Art Gallery, Mixer, Etc.)
  8. Your favorite TV show is on! You're watching
    1. Via ABC
      A Trendy Sitcom (Examples: Scandal or Quantico)
    2. Via TV One
      An Old Classic (Examples: A Different World or Golden Girls)
    1. A Thriller or Drama (Examples: The Walking Dead or Game Of Thrones)
    2. Via Food Network
      A DIY Show (Examples: Anything on The Food Network or HGTV)

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