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15 Signs You Went To KU (The University Of Kansas)

Chances are you can relate to a few of these if you're a Jayhawk!

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1. You have no idea what "Rock Chalk" means, but you say it anyway.


Save yourself a trip to Wikipedia: "'Rock Chalk' is a transposition of chalk rock, a type of limestone, that exists in the Cretaceous-age bedrocks of central and western parts of the state as well as on Mount Oread, where the University of Kansas is located, which is similar to the coccolith-bearing chalk of the white cliffs of Dover."


9. And chances are someone on Wescoe Beach has warned you you're headed straight for Hell.

He dresses to match his rhetoric, and he comes prepared with plenty of liquid to stay hydrated! This guy can go all day.

11. You've been to at least one party at The Reserve ...

And you had the hardest time finding the apartment the party was in. When you were ready to go home, you found it impossible to get back to your apartment (especially after drinking) because The Reserve is practically in Baldwin City.


14. And once you were cured, you could go here with your homework ...

To overhear nonsensical philosophical conversations, drink delicious sugary drinks, and conquer homework assignments atop an endearingly filthy table top.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Lawrence, keep being quirky, fun, and lovable!

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