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The 10 People Who "Dislike" Cute Animals On YouTube

Who are these people who hit the 'dislike' button on a cute puppy or kitten video? We found them.

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2. Pug Haters

The Pet Collective / Via

98.5% of people think baby pug puppies getting a bath are cute.

1.5% of people are jilted ex boyfriends who are unfairly holding the pug breed in contempt for the sins of girlfriends' dogs past. Grow up, little boys. She left because of you. Leave the pugs out of it.

5. Jealous Dogs

The Pet Collective / Via

98.06% of people think that the line, "He once saved a fireman from a tree," is hilarious.

1.94% of viewers are dogs...who are waiting for their viral video version of the Dos Equis guy, The Most Interesting Dog In The World.

6. Stupid Humans

The Pet Collective / Via

98.72% of people can't help themselves but like these fluffballs of precious puppy.

1.28% of people think that "Chow Puppies" is an imperative statement.

7. Foodies

The Pet Collective / Via

98.39% of people see a basset hound puppy ear hanging out of a bowl, and can't keep their mouse off the like button.

1.61% of people see an egregious misuse of kitchen supplies.

8. The Allergic

The Pet Collective / Via

98.79% of people think that kittens in bowls is the kind of thing that makes the internet glorious.

1.21% of people have forgotten that kittens on the internet are allergy-free.

9. Coffee Drinkers

The Pet Collective / Via

98.53% of people see a yorkie puppy in a teacup and know that all is right with the world.

1.47% of people haven't had their first cup of the day yet, and are cranky. We totally identify with this, but please, please don't take it out on the pups.

10. Corgi Haters

The Pet Collective / Via

99.71% of people understand the magical cuteness of corgis...which is pretty much EVERYONE!

0.29% of people just don't understand the internet, and clearly have empty hearts. This is just inexplicable.

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