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Romeo: Most Romantic Dog Story Of All Time

And most heartbreaking...but his story is just incredible, and isn't over yet...

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Romeo Lost His Juliet

The Pet Collective / Via

When his doggie companion was hit by a car recently in Los Angeles, this heroic dog stayed by his companion's side until help arrived. Little Romeo is a hero who stood by his lover Juliet through the most tragic of events. An inspiring story of animal devotion that we're very proud to share.

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The Pet Collective / Via

Tissue warning...Romeo is going to break your heart. But this little guy has a lot more love to give.

Looking for a loving home...

Department of Animal Care & Control - Los Angeles County / Via

But we have the internet now, and an absolute Shakespearean ending this doesn't have to be. Romeo is healthy, happy, full of love ... and looking for his forever home! If you are interested in adopting Romeo, please contact L.A. County Animal Control.

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