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    Insanely Popular Girls Who Get Paid To Go Shopping

    Seriously...there are girls called "haulers" who get PAID to go shopping! And sometimes for their dogs too. Here's an in-depth analysis of this popular YouTube trend you had no idea existed.

    What the heck are "haul" and "unboxing" videos?

    The Pet Collective / Via

    So something happened in the last few years. A curious phenomenon. We've reached a societal stage where your tastes and consumption can become a cool career. If you know what hauling is, just skip directly to the pet haulers below, because the next section will bore you.

    Just in case us digital kids are about a year ahead of the supermarket checkout line trash mags, I'll explain Hauling in terms your mom (given that she at least knows how to use Google) can understand.

    It's this viral video trend that is what I can only describe as the female cousin of "unboxing" videos. Victoria's Secret is to Best Buy as Haul is to Unboxing. I think that analogy works, but if it doesn't, here's a better description...

    So if unboxing videos are literally just dude-nerds with more cash than you, who bought that stuff from Best Buy you can't afford and open it on camera the day it comes out, hauls are typically cute young girls who go on shopping sprees and film what they bought...details, commentary, advice, DIY, style-hacking, prices, tricks...a clever micro shopping experience in the form of a YouTube video.

    And they get views. Oh, do they get views. These girls are more popular on YouTube than your high school's prom queen after her db-bf leaked illicit cell phone pics.

    Why should I care?

    The Pet Collective / Via

    Face it, if you're over 25 years old, you have no idea what kids like anymore. Their TV shows baffle you, their video games are way too intense, and you know what Minecraft is, but you're baffled as to why tweens in 2012 are playing something that your old school NES had better graphics on Castlevania 2. Hauling as it turns out is what your daughters and nieces are all watching, and they're kind of awesome and addictive. Wanna dress like that designer-clad pill'd-out celebritard hottie on the cover of Vogue this month for about $15? Think Al from Home Improvement if he was a 16 years old girl, well dressed, and could make a designer miniskirt out of crap you and I throw away with last night's empties. Scope a haul video and accompanying DIY companion vid from one of the girls below.

    Your author of this post is dreaming of a day that unboxing and haul videos will curb the unquenchable desire to ever buy everything, and subsequently never buy anything-at-all ever again. Just YouTube it in place of the quick fix purchase-high. I have a works...I use it...perhaps an unboxing video will slap me in the face back to the reality that I do NOT need the new model for at least another year.

    So I digress. Cute young girls who specialize in fashion and make videos of it for a living, often have pets. So The Pet Collective jumped on the haul wagon and went to our friends at the powerhouse YouTube collective studio, Fullscreen, to gather some of YouTube's more popular gals to do some pet hauls. Genius, right? And if nothing else, it was for our own intelligence to deconstruct a genre that has a popularity that gives cute animal videos a run for their money. What we learned? Shopping isn't just for humans anymore...dogs need stuff too!

    So if there's a better way to keep your adorable purse-sized pet rabbit from pooping on your carpet and if you're too lazy to Reddit this topic, believe it or not, these bright young style-driven gals will likely have your solution in a very helpful and often entertaining YouTube video.


    View this video on YouTube

    The Pet Collective / Via

    A pet haul for her rabbit and her brother's dog, a pomeranian pup.

    Interesting fact about pet should spend at least 20 minutes hanging out with them everyday. She's a self-described bio nerd, so she's smart like that.


    View this video on YouTube

    The Pet Collective / Via

    From doggy shampoo & conditioner and a thunder shirt, to all sorts of fun squeaky toys, xteeener's dog Sammi scores big time on this episode of The Pet Haul.


    View this video on YouTube

    The Pet Collective / Via

    Check out Leesha (xsparkage) as she scores some awesome toys for her two cats. From automated laser pointers and ottoman cat cave to Da Bird and scratch posts, Bubby and Kiki are in for a real treat.

    SecretLifeOfaBioNerd: DIY Pleather Circle Skirt

    View this video on YouTube

    The Pet Collective / Via

    I personally don't need a pleather circle skirt. I don't. But I'm pretty sure a lot of people do, and I could easily make one after watching this video.

    And that's the secret sauce. It's a post-TV era. Haulers and unboxers and DIYers and all the YouTube "ers" feel more personal. Last time my mind was blown by TV was Lost season 2 with that whole hatch thing...but I find my attention being absorbed more and more by the year by these emerging indie personalities online - microcelebrities.

    All I'm saying is that I'm not surprised the kids are obsessed with YouTube, and it all begins with something as simple as a better way to keep your bunny rabbit from shitting on your rug so much, or how to make a fashion-mag-ready skirt in your bedroom out of scraps.

    So my hat goes off to all the girls who get paid to go shopping on YouTube.

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