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Husky Puppies May Be The Cutest Thing On The Planet

And 6 mind-blowing husky facts to accompany the cuteness...

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Aside from this video being the cutest thing we've ever seen, and their puppies looking like real life teddy bears, here are a few lesser-known, yet fascinating, husky facts...

1. "Husky" is a mispronunciation of the word "Esky"

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The word "husky" is a derivative of the word "esky" which was once a nickname for Eskimos and their dogs. It might require a bit more research to see if the term "esky" is or was at some time derogatory of Eskimos...we can't imagine that it is, but we're not Eskimos. So any comments from any Eskimos or Eskimo experts below on this topic would be helpful. We're just stating the fact that they may have become Siberian Eskys had language not played its ongoing evolution like a timeless game of telephone.

2. Huskies can run up to 40 miles per day

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So you might want to keep your pup on a leash, because their instincts might find them miles off course out of sheer dog excitement before they turn around and realize you are nowhere in sight. Doesn't mean they want to run away from you. Your husky loves your face off. They just have a burning instinct to run that can best be correlated with Travolta's Saturday Night Fever instinct in that, they just gotta dance.

And they have great hair.

4. Huskies are NOT wolves, nor are they mixed with wolves at all

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They kind of look like wolves. It's true. Look at those wolf-like faces! They come from territories where wolves live in the world and do their wolf things, but huskies are purebred dogs. This makes them not wolves, nor half-breeds of wolves, wolf cousins, wolf anything. Huskies are huskies.

5. They aren't big on barking, but they do howl

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As previously stated, they are not wolves, but they do howl. And howling is an awesome thing, because they do it out of the sheer joy of it. Aww. So if your husky is howling, know that she is super excited and happy about something...perhaps you just being you.

Editor's note: This is the most positive thing I have ever written.

6. They use their tails as nose-warmers

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Tails aren't just for wagging on these pups. Form follows function in the husky world as noses don't quite have the thick double coat of fur that the rest of their bodies have. So that fluffy tail makes a fantastic nose-warmer.

Editor's note: I'm sorry, that is just utterly fascinating!

Want 24/7 live husky puppies?

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Yeah, The Pet Collective does too, and we are always looking for our next litter of cute things to stream to you 24/7. Like #CorgiCam and the golden retrievers seen above here, we've gotten a sense that people kind of have a taste for husky puppies, and we can see why. So scope our live cams, and express your requests for your favorite breed. Who knows...husky puppies just might be next...

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