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9 Not-So-Killer Facts About Pit Bulls

The culture of fear got you afraid of pit bulls? You're not alone. Time to dispel some myths about these dogs and meet some people who have devoted their lives to a controversial breed.

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2. They Are Grossly Misrepresented In The Media

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Straight out of Watts: The Pit Bull Problem isn't exactly how the media typically portrays it. This clip goes street level to take a closer look at what the real problem is, and the good people who are trying to fix it. Lori Weise, founder of Downtown Dog Rescue and Cornelius "Dog Man" Austin describe the unjust depiction and treatment of pit bulls in the media and society.

3. Pit Bulls Make Great Family Dogs

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See these two beauties fighting? Nope. They are well socialized - a result of not being neglected, abused or trained to fight.

4. 200 Pit Bulls Are Euthanized Daily In Los Angeles County

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Not the most pleasant fact by any means, but a raw reality. Just another reason why Bob Barker was right about having your pets spayed or neutered. A wise man.

5. Pitt Bulls Need To Be Socialized At A Young Age

Simply a pit bull owner, don't be a jerk. The horror stories about pitt bulls and their viciousness do not apply given a pitt bull puppy that was socialized properly at a young age. Think there's any difference in a human kid that is abused when they're young? They grow up to be vicious too. This emotional bonding makes them extremely loving and happy when raised in a good home.

6. Pit Bulls Make Great Apartment Dogs

Surprising, right? But they actually make great indoor dogs given that you give them some regular exercise. They'll love a yard, but if you're a city dweller and you don't have much space, they are just as happy in your 3rd floor walkup in Queens. This is likely related to their close bond to their humans. Proximity breeds more love.

8. The Lock-Jaw Myth

Kids in your neighborhood ever tell you how a pit bull has a lock-jaw that mechanically locks when it bites and makes it impossible to open? Incorrect. There is no physiological difference in a pit bull's jaw from other canines.

Learn More About Pit Bulls

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Knowledge is power, friend. Visit any number of reputable animal organization websites or shelters to investigate regional pit bull legislation and more information about how pit bulls can be wonderfully affectionate companions in your life. Learn more about how you can help restore dignity to this beautiful breed and help solve the pit bull problem.

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