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10 Reasons To Love A Black Cat

Fact: Black cats are the least adopted type of cat. So here's a list of reasons why this is a bunch of BS, because black cats rule!

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2. Black clothing hides black cat hair...

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The Pet Collective / Via

Just learned this fact from this video. So if you are generally hip or live in Paris, about 80% of your wardrobe is black. This will hide black cat hair. Therefore, according to the laws of logic and mathematics, black cats are hipper.

3. They cast well...


Hollywood will always need a black cat for something. Cat's Eye from the 80s...that Sabrina the Teenage Witch show...who knows, you might have a star on your hands. At the very least you can produce a living room performance of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat.”

4. They look cleaner...


People are always like, "Don't buy a black car, they show everything." Yeah, try owning a white car in L.A. Sheer logic will not surprise you that black cars look cleaner. Cats are probably the same, because black cats always look fresh and clean. No need to worry about a dirty kitty because their black coats cover up the dirt.

7. Internationally, black cats are luckier...


It's true. In many cultures not dominated by dumb westerners, owning black cats is considered lucky.

Editor's note: I can say that as a dumb westerner, so be kind in your troll-y comments below.

8. Black Sabbath needs a cat cover band...


Is this actually a reason to love a black cat? Implicitly, yes. With a group of black cats, you could start a kitty band that would join Black Sabbath on an epic “Black is Back Tour.” Everything about this is life changingly necessary.

10. Black cats are the

The Pet Collective / Via

So everyone on the internet knows that cats are the new black...which makes black cats, the Vader...generally better, you know what I mean. They offer a lot of unconditional kitty love in return.

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