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10 Cats That Made Internet History

These are cats that will make the books when it comes to feline sensations of the 21st century interwebz. Meowr!

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3. Henri Le Chat Noir

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Henri La Chat Noir / Via

His ennui is not dissuaded by...well.. anything. Especially not dogs.

Meh, c'est la vie.

He also won a cat film festival as previously featured here on Buzzfeed.

4. $15,000 Cat?

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The Friskies / Via

Speaking of film festivals, someone’s video will make $15,000 this year in what appears to be The Oscars for cats. We hereby dub this yet-to-be-discovered new cat star, $15,000 Cat, and we hope he or she rises to the internet fame of the other 9 in this list. We’re hoping for less of a Feline Lohan and more of a Kitty Purry…

5. Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat Original / Via

This purr-petual cat changed the game with a breakfast pastry, a rainbow, an 8-bit style, and an impossibly catchy happy hardcore theme...Nyan is burned into our digital consciousness 4eva.

See? You can't even read his name without hearing the melody. Fact.

9. Dubstep Cat

Think cats are all paws on keyboards? The emergence of dubstep into mainstream radio brought video dedications like this with our feline overlords rocking the turntables now.

How'd they get Dubstep Cat to do that tongue thing?

Too good. So good, a dog copied it HERE...but the cat was first!

10. The OMG Cat

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OMG Cat Video / Via

OMG Cat can't believe it.


Think we missed one?

ADD YOURS in the comments to your all-time favorite cat!

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