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Beyoncé's Real Life Is Oddly Similar Her Role In Dream Girls

Life really does imitate art.

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1. It all started with a girl group...

Dreamgirls: The Dreamettes, later known as The Dreams

Real Life: Destiny's Child

2. Clearly there can only Bee one star.

Dreamgirls: Deena Jones (Beyoncé's character in the movie)

Real Life: Beyoncé

3. After some "creative differences" the star of the group branches off to do more than just be part of a girl group

Dreamgirls: Deena goes off to model, record a solo album, and even star in movies.

Real Life: Beyoncé...DOES THE SAME DAMN THING! She has a wildly successful solo career, his a fashion icon, and stars in a movie.

4. She falls in love with an entrepreneur/producer/investor

Dreamgirls: Curtis Taylor Jr. played by Jamie Foxx, who starts his own record label, manages The Dreams and Deena's career.

Real Life: Jay Z, who's career is similar to Curtis'.

5. And out of betrayal they made some epic music.

Dreamgirls: Listen. Watch it here.

Real Life: Lemonade.

Can you find any other similarities?

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