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Eating Vegan In Worldwide Restaurants

The UK has seen a massive growth in people embracing the meat and dairy free lifestyle in recent years. Along with this, many vegan eateries have sprung up to meet that demand. Avocado toast has become a menu staple in restaurants from London to Glasgow. Furthermore, many chain restaurants have extended their menu options to cash in on the “vegan pound”. Even so, eating out as a vegan isn’t always easy, and the problem can become harder when travelling. While parts of India, Thailand and Taiwan promise to be havens for vegans, with restaurants catering to their Hindu or Buddhist populations, the task of finding somewhere suitable to eat can be more difficult elsewhere. However, multinational chain restaurants can provide a way for vegan travellers to avoid this problem. Though travellers should always make an effort to shop and eat locally, well-known names like McDonald’s and Nando’s can step in and literally “fill the gap” when food options are more limited on the open road. Therefore, we’ve put together a handy guide for vegan travellers detailing the vegan menu options they can purchase in global chain restaurants. Don’t take the list as prescriptive; it’s always worth double checking with a restaurant, particularly as options like fries may be cooked in the same fryer as meat products. In addition, always be extra cautious if you have food allergies and check the restaurant’s allergen advice to see what ingredients different options contain.

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Burger King

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While it has no specific vegan menu, Burger King sells lots of items that are “accidentally” vegan. With restaurants on every continent, that’s good news for vegan travellers who are stuck for a snack! The chain’s fries and hash browns are suitable for vegans (though be aware that they may share a fryer with non-vegan foods). The veggie patty is unfortunately not vegan however, if you’re after a bigger meal, vegans can order a Junior Whopper without meat or mayo. For vegans with a sweet tooth, the Dutch apple pie or French toast sticks don’t contain any animal products!


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Like its fast food rival above, McDonald’s has plenty of items that are “accidentally” suitable for vegans! McDonalds’s fries, apple pie and hash browns are all free from animal products, though be aware cross contamination may occur from the frying process. Unlike Burger King, the McDonald’s veggie burgers – the Vegetable Deluxe or Spicy Vegetable Deluxe – are suitable for vegans, as long as you ask for it without mayonnaise! The chain tried a McVegan burger in Finland this year, though it isn’t clear if this will be rolled out globally. However, with restaurants in almost every country in the world, vegans can be assured of a bite to eat in McDonalds wherever they are on the globe.


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Subway has branches in 93 countries, and the good news is you can “eat fresh” in them even when you’re a vegan! The hearty Italian, Italian, 9-grain wheat and sourdough bread options are all suitable for vegans. For sauce, vegans can choose from yellow mustard, deli brown mustard, oil, vinegar and vinaigrette, sweet onion sauce, fat-free Italian dressing, ketchup, HP sauce and buffalo sauce. A Veggie Delight with no cheese is a fool-proof way to go for a vegan lunch. However, across the USA, Subway are offering specific vegan options at 540+ restaurants. These include “Tofurky”, vegan cheese, black bean patty and Malibu garden patty. That’s mouth-watering news for any vegans planning a trip to the states!


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The South African chain is famous for its peri-peri chicken. However, Nando’s offers a great vegetarian menu, with most of the options also being suitable for vegans! The Veggie Burger, Pitta or Wrap are all suitable as long as you ask for no mayo, as is the Portobello Mushroom option as long as you specify no halloumi or mayo. For healthier options, vegans can order the Supergrain Salad without dressing and the Quinoa and Mediterranean Salad without feta. Vegan friendly starters include the Houmous with Peri-Peri Drizzle, Spicy Mixed Olives and the Peri-Peri Nuts while diners can also add fries (regular and peri-salted), garlic bread, sweet potato wedges (without dips) and chargrilled veg to their meal knowing that no animals were harmed in their preparation! In addition, Nando’s promises that all its meat free products are cooked on a separate grill, though the restaurant does recommend you telling their team you are vegan so that they are extra careful.

Pizza Hut

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The pizza chain introduced vegan cheese at its UK restaurants this year, but it’s not currently available at their restaurants in other countries. However, if you want to “grab a slice of the action” outside of the UK, vegans can order any of their favourite toppings on a Thin N’ Crispy crust with Marinara Sauce and no cheese. With restaurants in 90 countries worldwide, vegans can be assured they don’t have to miss out on the option for a delicious pizza when travelling.

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