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10 Ways To Stalk Your Boyfriend's Social Media Like A Pro

It's a tough world of stalking out there — be sure you're doing it right! Learn some more lessons from The Other Woman, available now on Digital HD!

1. Take screenshots of his Instagram pictures so you can zoom in on the people in his photos.

2. Look for smudges on his phone that correspond to the numbers in his password.

3. Tap into this little-known resource:

4. Want to see a profile picture that's set as private?

5. Google your boyfriend's cell phone number and email address instead of his name.

6. Get an app that sends you straight to voicemail.

7. Do a more directed Facebook search.

8. Enable his "Send Read Receipts."

9. Be sure to log out of your LinkedIn before doing any stalking.

10. And, of course, always clear your history after doing all of the above!

The Other Woman is available now on Digital HD!

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