The Best Stuff Ever

Life just doesn’t get much better than this. Here are a few of our good friends portraying some of the best things ever.

1. Discovering New Music

2. Cold Beer Waiting For You When You Get Home

3. Finding Good Movies In The “Recently Added” Section Of Netflix

4. Drinking Gatorade After Waking Up From A Bender

5. Playing With Puppies

6. Drinking On Weeknights With Your Best Friends

7. Cracking Your Back

9. Drinking Hot Chocolate When You Go Home In The Winter

11. Drinking Capri Suns Because It Reminds You Of The 90s

12. Going Out To Eat

13. Getting Delivery On A Cold, Rainy Day

14. Re-Watching Your Favorite Shows And Movies

15. The Smell Of Coffee & Breakfast When You Wake Up In Your Childhood Bed

16. Waking up on Saturday and Realizing You Don’t Have Work, So You Go Back To Bed

17. When No One Is Sitting Next To You While On Public Transportation

18. Or, When A Beautiful, Nice Person Sits Next To You

19. When You Get A Text From Someone You Haven’t Seen In Forever

20. When You Get Your Paycheck

21. When Your Boss Isn’t At Work, So You Can Watch Internet Videos All Day

22. When Your Friend Leaves An Awesome Shirt At Your Place And It Becomes A Staple Of Your Wardrobe

23. When A Really Hot Person Starts Working At Your Office

24. Hopping Into A Nice, Hot Shower

25. Biting Into Your Favorite Food

26. Going To Happy Hour After An Extremely Long Day

27. Getting Free Food (or really, anything free that you like)

28. Blacking Out And Taking Over Your Hometown With Your Old Buddies The Night Before Thanksgiving

29. The First Day It’s Really, Ridiculously Nice Outside

30. Driving Around And Looking At Christmas Lights

31. The Sound Of A Can Of Beer Opening

32. When A Song Ends As Soon As You Pull Into Your Driveway

33. Hearing Your Favorite Song As You Walk Into A Bar Or Club

34. Being Hungover At Work But Not Having Any Work To Do, So You Just Zone Out & Listen To Music All Day Long

35. Making Drunk Dials

36. Being Carried To Your Bed After You Fall Asleep

37. Getting A Good Night Text From Your Significant Other

38. Coming Home To A Clean House

39. Sleeping In Your Own Bed After A Long Night Of Drinking

40. Sleeping In Another Person’s Bed After A Long Night Of Drinking

41. Aimlessly Driving Around With Friends In The Summer Blasting Music

42. Laying On The Beach

43. Being Happy And Truly Appreciating All That You Have

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